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Design Flex is over, but you can still view the submissions.

Design Flex—AIGA NE’s online event—helps you flex your creative muscles. Each week designers have a different exercise with a fun, unique theme to get the creative wheels turning. Submit all four weeks for your chance to win a Skillshare membership for a whole year!

The best part? Submissions are totally free to members and non-members.

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The Prize

Watch, play, learn, make, and discover with a one-year membership to Skillshare. 

Congratulations to our winner, Megan Smith!

Megan participated in all 4 weeks of Design Flex and earned the most votes from fellow participants. She also was an avid participant from our first Design Flex back in January.

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The Challenge Schedule

May 6th – 31st

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Wednesdays – Sundays

Your design tasks will be revealed on Wednesdays. Find inspiration and get to work on your design. 

On Sunday, submit the week’s exercise to the theme’s webpage by 10p.m.

You shouldn’t have to stay up till midnight to finish—go to bed!

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Mondays & Tuesdays

Those who participated in the exercise get to vote on their favorites!

On June 3rd we will tally up the total votes from all four challenges to determine cumulative scores. 

The highest overall score is the winner.

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Weekly Themes

Every week focuses on one cornerstone design discipline. Each theme will have a task that inspires you to refine and flex your design skills.

Week 1

Photo Manipulation

This theme is all about your Photoshop skills to manipulate photographs or elements.

Illustration of Typography elements

Week 2


Week two, let’s focus on your typography talents. 

Illustration of Hierarchy & Layout

Week 3

Hierarchy & Layout

Week three will hone in on hierarchy, with a focus on your layout techniques. 

Illustration of a grid with a chat bubble and a pen tool.

Week 4


Time to show off your illustrative artistry and storytelling. 

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Interact on Instagram

Follow AIGANebraska on Instagram to see and interact with other designers’ submissions. Use #AIGADesignFlex to tag your process and artwork to be featured in our stories!

Be Featured in the Design Flex Galleries

As an extra bonus, all participants will have their design added to the theme galleries so everyone can see how everyone interpreted the tasks.

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Does it cost anything to participate in Design Flex?
No! It’s totally free to participate and you should be using tools that are already in your toolbelt.

How will I know I won?
We will reach out to you on June 2nd after the voting has closed. On June 3rd we will also post the winner at noon on Instagram so everyone can see your awesome work. Be prepared when people start to congratulate you! We will also tag you in our Instagram post if you opt in to adding your handle.

Can I submit something that I’ve already made that matches a task?
Design Flex embraces your free spirit and encourages spontaneity. We’d like you to start fresh and submit something that fits within the suggested timeframe. But honestly, we wouldn’t know the difference.

Can I remain anonymous for my submissions?
Absolutely. Make sure you select that option in the submission form each time. You will need to give us your name and email for us to keep score. If you change your mind about being anonymous, let us know with an email to

What can my entries be used for by AIGA Nebraska?
We want to show off your work and display our community’s amazing talent. We add your work to our Design Flex galleries on our website and might feature your work for Design Flex promotions (with you credited).

Can I win multiple prizes?
Our previous Design Flex had multiple prizes, but this time we do not have multiple prizes.

Can my company submit instead of myself?
We’d like to keep this on the individual side. Company submissions will not be accepted.

What if I see plagiarism from one of the submissions?
We fully support the ownership of original ideas for all artists. If you’d kindly let us know you suspect plagiarism of a certain design, please email