Design Flex is over but you can view all the work that was submitted!

January Mon. 27th – Fr. 31st 2020

Design Flex – AIGA NE’s new online event! Each day designers had a different short exercise with a fun, unique theme to get started creating. Everyone who submitted was entered in daily drawings to win prizes!

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Top Prize Winner is Brieanna Kroeger for Submitting All Five Days!

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Submissions are totally free, with multiple winners.

Here’s what you could win:

The Daily Prize

For each day you submit for the challenge you’ll be entered in a daily drawing for a free Show 2020 entry. Which comes in handy when you have lots of entries.

The Top Prize

Those that enter all five days will have the chance to win our top prize of a $100 Blick gift card and a free submission for the Moonlight event on February 29th.

We know you’re busy, but it’s so important to carve out time to cultivate creativity—and we think you’ll enjoy what we have planned.

Try to spend 15 minutes to an hour on each exercise.

Think quick sprints—not a marathon.

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Here’s what you need to submit your task:

  • Final dimensions 600 X 600 pixels.
  • Submit a web compressed PNG or JPG (no animated gifs).


Each day has a theme to inspire you. Every day at 7AM the task to that theme will be revealed. 

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Don’t you hate it when a certain emoji doesn’t exist? Your Task: Create a new emoji and add your own style.

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You’ve heard of the Golden Ticket, right? Your Task: Design a not-so-golden ticket that no one wants to win.

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4 Letters

I like small words and I cannot lie. Your Task: Choose a word with 4 letters and design those letters. If you must use a bad word use 3 letters and an asterisk.

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Hello, ‘20s, but let’s not forget the good old ‘10s. Your Task: Design something iconic or memorable from the last decade. Notate the year.

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It’s loud right now, isn’t it? There’s a lot going on in our world. What are you saying? Your Task: Design what you want people to hear.

Follow AIGANebraska on Instagram to see the daily topic and daily winners!
Use #AIGADesignFlex to tag your process and artwork to be featured in our stories!

As an extra bonus, all participants will have their design added to the theme galleries so everyone can see how everyone interpreted the tasks.

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Does this cost anything?
No! It’s totally free to participate and you should be using tools that are already in your toolbelt.

When’s the deadline to submit my challenge?
The deadline is 11:59pm each day, but we hope you don’t stay up that late!

How will I know I won?
We will reach out to you the morning after you submit. We’ll also post the winner at noon on Instagram so everyone can see your awesome work. Be prepared for when people start to congratulate you. Plus, we’ll tag you in our Instagram post if you opt to add your handle.

Can I remain anonymous for my submissions?
Absolutely. Make sure you select that option in the submission form each time. You will need to give us your name and email to claim prizes but we will not publicly reveal your identity if you win. If you change your mind, let us know with a DM to our Instagram account.

Can my company submit instead of myself?
We’d like to keep this on the individual side. Company submissions will not be accepted.

Can I submit something that I’ve already made that matches a task?
Design Flex embraces your free spirit and encourages spontaneity. We’d like you to start fresh and submit something that fits within the suggested timeframe. But honestly, we wouldn’t know the difference.

Can I win multiple prizes?
It’s a bit of yes and no. We want to share the love and have 5 different people win the Daily Prize, but you will stay in the drawing for the Top Prize!

Why do I want to win these prizes?
Moonlight is a brand new event! Two-Part Event: Moonlight Art Exhibit & New Year Mixer on Saturday Feb. 29th. Check out the Eventbrite to register for free. To submit to the gallery is $10 but you can wait after Design Flex if you win $100 Blick gift card.
Show is a juried competition showcasing the best visual design work of the year from Nebraska Artists. It’s AIGA NE’s biggest event of the year! Winning a free entry is a $45-$55 value for professionals. And who doesn’t want a $100 gift card to Blick?

What if I see plagiarism from one of the submissions?
We fully support the ownership of original ideas for all artists. If you’d kindly let us know you suspect plagiarism of a certain design, please email

What can my entries be used for by AIGA Nebraska?
By submitting work to Design Flex, the entrant grants AIGA Nebraska the right to use accepted work for reproduction in competitions-related publications; on its website; and for educational and AIGA-related noncommercial promotional purposes. Entrants retain rights to their work and will be acknowledged whenever or wherever possible.

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*AIGA NE and Design Flex are not affiliated with or sponsored by Instagram or Blick, in any way.

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