Illustration of Hierarchy & Layout

Time to show off your illustrative artistry and storytelling. 


Design a four-panel comic. It can be funny, serious, dramatic, whatever you want—no limits to your creativity.

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Each week participants vote on their favorites.
The votes earn the designer points.
The designer with the most points at the end of all 4 challenges wins the 1-year Skillshare membership!
Here are the top five from week 4.

MLK, justice, George Floyd, and riots.


Ian Kata


This piece was inspired by recent events, and “The Other America” a 1967 speech by Dr. Martin Luther King.

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Beg for air, go to bed, go for a run...while black.


Madison Stuczynski


This is about the recent events involving innocent black lives being taken by police brutality in which no accountability has been taken. Being black should not mean being less likely to survive. Try begging for air, going to bed, or going for a run while black. None of these people deserved this, may they rest in true peace, finally. We need justice, we need accountability, and it needs to happen now. This is not okay, if you have the ability to speak up, do it.

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A cat's quarantine


Patrick Furey


Taking inspiration from last week’s task of showing our quarantine schedule, this comic illustrates my cat’s quarantine schedule.

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A tall and short friend doing things together.


Megan Smith


As someone that’s “5’2”, I’ve always valued having tall friends – they’ll always reach in tall cabinets and high shelves for me, they’re a great cover in high sunshine, and they’ll even let me take center stage in photos. Everbody knows being tall has it’s perks, but I wanted to share some of the perks of having a short friend by sharing a few of my real-life experiences as being a short friend to others!

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Listen, speak, give, vote.


Kaitlin Benscoter


Fight injustice when and where you can. I need to do better. We need to do better.

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The life of a best friend and her dog from start to finish.


Danielle Trizila


This is a tribute to my best friend and her fur baby who just passed.

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A dog's thoughts on quarantine.


Dessi Price


Sometimes I wonder if this is how my dog feels during these Quarantine times 🙂 My attempt for a four-panel comic strip for this week’s #aigadesignflex challenge.

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A class clown and a teacher as skeletons.


Jake Kennedy


How to defeat your teacher.

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A phone on a phone call on he cell phone, forgetting where her phone it.


Zaira Carcamo


Being a constant magician with how many things can disappear right in front of your eyes. See also: glasses and pens.

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A mean cat, an owner asking "why are you like this?" Cat says, "I'm a cat."


Kiana Ballinger


Cats are assholes.