Storytime 2: Home Alone

daOMA + AIGA Nebraska bring you Storytime 2: Home Alone.

AIGA Pre-Party 7PM / PK 8PM

AIGA is closing out the year with some drinks and tacos* from Voodoo Taco! It's been a great year to explore what design has to offer and share with our community. AIGA has been celebrating its 100th birthday all year long and we'd like to give out presents in the form of prizes. Stay tuned!

Ten creatives will reinterpret the story of Home Alone in a thought-provoking, creative, and meaningful way - using the unique qualities of their discipline.

Here’s the lineup:

  1. Adam Casey + Nicholas Burroughs, graphic designers
  2. Jeremiah Bigelow, artist
  3. Niki Dibble, chef
  4. Dylan Baumann + Will Riley, developers
  5. Travis Lee, musician 
  6. Bridget McQuillan, photographer 
  7. Jessica McKay, interior designer
  8. Monica Ghali, designer
  9. Michelle Ploeger, psychologist
*this event, and the pre-party, are 21+
When & Where
Thu, Dec 18, 2014 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM CST
729 N 14th Street
Omaha, NE