Hierarchy & Layout

Illustration of Hierarchy & Layout

This theme will hone in on hierarchy, with a focus on your layout techniques. 


Design your quarantine schedule. We all have some crazy, idiosyncratic schedules these days so, let’s be real and share the weirdness.

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Each week participants vote on their favorites.
The votes earn the designer points.
The designer with the most points at the end of all 4 challenges wins the 1-year Skillshare membership!
Here are the top five from week 3.


Dessi Price


I’ve been working on this Quarantine Routine for the past 10 weeks working from home. I did a piece in the beginning of it all and now added more items to reflect any additional habits.

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Megan Smith


Rather than a quarantine schedule, I have more of a set of “phases” I go through during the day, in a (somewhat) consistent order with no set timing each day. I’m normally the kind of person that likes a strict schedule, but these past few months, I’ve been trying to just go with the flow.

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Tristan Bernth


Well this is my weekly schedule for the quarantine. 🙂 Looking at my schedule while creating it, I probably need to change when I go to bed! lol

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Kiana Ballinger


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Dmitri Atrash


My daily schedule in the form of a mobile app.

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Madison Stuczynski


I had full intentions of making a legitimate schedule… and then I don’t know how or why, but 2009 Kesha came over me. I altered the lyrics to fit with how this quarantine is going for me, enjoy!

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Danielle Trizila


My daily routine is very routine. But it’s simple, and organized as is as my design with few elements that lend some movement.

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Nathan Comstock


Although I made this in a circle because as soon as it ends, it starts over again, each day is different and unique in its own way. For example, sometimes I eat dessert after breakfast too.

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Patrick Furey


Here’s my best go at a representation of my weekly schedule, though at this point the concept of a ‘schedule’ seems completely malleable.

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Zaira Carcamo


An honest look at what my schedule has been like during quarantine.

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Steven Buffalohead


Monday through Friday you can find me in the home office… working & drinking coffee.

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Kaitlin Benscoter


I have the ability to work from home so, my weekdays haven’t changed much, except for being closer to a fridge (hence the multiple snack times). Animal Crossing and art (or at least trying to art) take up most of my weekend time.

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Paige Johnson


Honestly my schedule is so simple that I didn’t have much to add and just kept it plain with using only typography and playing with color theory. This piece is just a glance at what it’s like for students in college during this crazy pandemic were in.