Photo Manipulation

Illustration of mountains and a palm tree.

This theme is all about your Photoshop skills to manipulate photographs or elements.


Design a special place (any place) you’d rather be. It could even defy space and time!

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Top Five Participant Favorites

Each week participants vote on their favorites.
The votes earn the designer points.
The designer with the most points at the end of all 4 challenges wins the 1-year Skillshare membership!
Here are the top five from week 1.

A woman under a waterfall of sauce on a Falafel sandwich.


Dessi Price


I miss traveling and eating out at restaurants so much that I decided to create this imaginary world, a special place for this week’s #aigadesignflex This is Falafeland, a land of giant Falafel sandwiches where one can sit by a tzatziki waterfall 🙂

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A woman in the center with a light bulb on her forehead surrounded by plants and Apple products.


Megan Smith


For this week’s challenge, I brought myself to a far off dream place where I feel inspired to design and have ideas for new creations that magically come to my Apple devices. Oh, and there’s always beautiful plants.

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A panoramic forest with colorful lights.


Madison Stuczynski


My husband is a panoramic landscape photographer and creates amazing photographic landscapes. It was an idea of ours to combine our skills and create actual magic in his photographs, as photo manipulation has been quite the hobby for me since getting my degree in photography as well. I wanted to create something glowing, with cool electric colors, and with details reminiscent of fireflies. I wanted to portray a place I wish I could hike through.

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A man watching a documentary inside his home while wildlife and plants lurk on the outside of his window.


Ian Kata


I’ve been watching a lot of travel documentaries while stuck at home. Maybe someday I will get to explore the jungle and not just live vicariously through my TV, or maybe I just need to look out the window…

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A large pig with a beer on the moon looking at Earth.


Eric White


Most people are ready to get out and see all their friends but as a father of 4 young kids (who I love VERY much) who has been trapped in the house with everyone for weeks and weeks…I just need some time alone.

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4 silhouettes in front of a movie screen


Mary Allen


If I could be anywhere else it doesn’t really matter as long as I could pick my company. Piper. Sticking her tongue out at Layla, Layla in her bucket hat. Simone with a scrunchie on her wrist and my mom in the middle. That’s my view as I’m walking back to my seat at Westwood Cinema 8 in Omaha, NE, cuz I would obviously spring for movie theater snacks if we could all be together again.

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A cat staring out of a window looking upon Earth.


Nathan Comstock


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An artist inside a glass jar in the ocean with a fish swimming near her.


Kaitlin Benscoter


It would be cool if I could have a place with everything I need to be creative or unwind at the end of the day, and have the ability to go into different environments for inspiration or relaxation. For example, I like to draw, so I could go underwater in my personal place and sketch a seascape in real time.

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A lilac field at night with planets in the sky.


Dmitri Atrash


I love the idea of bending reality to make landscapes seem more otherworldly. I started with an image of a beautifully shot lavender field and reimagined what it would look like with a different, more dramatic night sky.

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Stanley Park in Vancouver with a stylized effect.


Patrick Furey


One of my most memorable vacations was in Vancouver, and it would be awesome to go back. Here is a far more colorful (and stranger) version of the city skyline as seen from Stanley Park.

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The living room of Seinfeld with Jeff Goldblum and Joe Dirt and toilet paper.


Kinsley Johnson


I don’t actually know how to use photoshop so I made this in Procreate. Doing nothing with Seinfeld, Jeff Goldblum and of course Joe Dirt because you got to keep on keeping on.

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Inside a white room with a door that leads to a tropical land.


Steven Buffalohead


An Adventure starts with the first step out your front door. We have all been home and couldn’t wait to explore the world. I’d like to go to the beach!

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A rocket leaving a colorful land with a spaceman putting down a flag with Spongebob on it.


Paige Johnson


This photo manipulation is called “Trppin’ Imagine-Nation” and is a new planet that has just been discovered. Imagine-Nation is a place for those who have an extensive imagination looking to push the boundaries and find new things to create. What inspired me to create this is the fact that we are always stuck in our everyday life so it can be hard to think like a kid again, but this planet let’s you do all of that and more!

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A forest at night with horses drinking from a stream.


Ashley Hale


I love nature, It has always been one of the most peaceful places for me. I added a bit of a fantasy and calming aspect by editing in a purple hue, a starry sky, and some fairy lights. The river, horses, sky, and boat were all edited into a forest image. All images were royalty free stock images.

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A happy woman on a pool floaty in the sky.


Kiana Ballinger


This is a dreamer. Someone who is living their life to the fullest and trying their best to accomplish their goals. They love to learn new things that interest them and aspire to be the best they can be.

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A beach with bears on the beach and riding a wave.


Jair Rodriguez


It’s a beach somewhere on the coast of Mexico. In this beach, Bears like to chill out and hang 10 on the killer waves. The sight of the paletero man brings everyone joy as a break from the waves is mandated. A priate ship looms in the background, non-threatning.

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A little girl raising her arms over a massive waterfall lake below her.


Jenn Cochlin


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A fish swimming underwater with a waterfall and a Hobbit home.


Zaira Carcamo


As a child I would stay in the bath for hours wishing I could breathe underwater and live in such a tranquil space.

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Large jellyfish swimming outside of a bedroom.


Mars Nevada


There’s nothing that makes me feel calmer than the jellyfish exhibit at the zoo. I would love to just sit in a cozy den underwater surrounded by giant jellyfish.

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A collage of Schoebrunn Palace in Vienna.


Jim Buhrman Jr.


I love to travel and have really been missing Europe lately. So, I designed a collage of Schoebrunn Palace in Vienna. Style inspired by artwork viewed at the Museum of Applied Arts.

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Olivia in a forest of large plant leaves.


Olivia Caudle


The special place I’d like to be is a lush, green place where plants grew larger than they should and never died. I love how plants look and how they make me feel, but no matter what I can’t seem to keep plants alive for long.

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A woman floating inside a bubble in space looking at Earth.

Paige Craft*


I thrive in my alone time; I crave it. I’d just moved my office back home from a shared space so I could work in my own space again when COVID struck locally. I haven’t really had any true, house-to-myself, no one else making noise, alone time in months. I’d really like to be in my own little bubble, away from the woes of the world for a bit. Clothing optional.

*Board member not eligible for voting/winning.

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A magical landscape with mountains and castle with two giant god like house cats.

Chloe Markham*

I’d rather be taming the House Cat Gods of a mystical land called Felitania. Where they rub on castles and scratch mountains. All hail the furry ones.

*Board member not eligible for voting/winning.