What is a human book volunteer?

A human book is an incredible volunteer that is willing to share their life experiences through respectful conversation with members of the public. It’s an opportunity to break through the expectations and labels we place on each other, to share stories, ask questions and challenge biases through open and honest dialogue. It’s a safe space where difficult questions are expected, appreciated, and answered. 


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You can now reserve your conversation(s) with one of our human book volunteers and join us on Wednesday, October 17. 

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The Human Library event is October 17, 2018 on the 4th floor of the W. Dale Clark Public Library in downtown Omaha, from 4 to 7 pm. Conversations are 25 minutes long and will be held in small groups with 3-4 people per group.

You will also be able to make reservations in person at the event, but appointments fill up fast, so if you want to make sure you get to meet a specific book(s), we suggest reserving your times online.


Our 2018 human book volunteers

Ang B. |  Agender Buddhist
Ang will share experiences as an advocate, Buddhist, agender, queer person of color navigating a binary world.

Sarah C. |  Youth Advocate
Sarah will share her experience of leading an inner-city all boys book club to flourish, find support and fight stereotypes while helping them find their own voices and offering ways for the community to help.

Kat C. |  Veteran
Not all PTSD comes from war – Kat is a veteran and a survivor of military sexual trauma.

Lisa C. |  Resilience and Reinvention
Learn from Lisa’s diversity of life experiences and careers about the power of resilience.

Shonna D. |  Domestic Violence Survivor
Shonna enjoys candidly sharing her experiences including successes, failures, and lessons learned along the way to hopefully inspire listeners to reach beyond any self- or otherwise imposed limitations.

Shawna F. |  Seeking Biological Family
Five years ago Shawna found out the person who raised her was not her biological father. She is actively researching DNA sites, searching for relatives in order to uncover the truth about her family.

Sheila I. |  Storyteller
Learn how Sheila’s relationship with stories informs her work as a designer and architect.

Wanda L. |  Single Parent Farmer
Divorce farm mom raises child on semi, homeschooling while keeping crops growing at home.

Cei L. |  Transgender Activist
Cei will talk about his experiences from growing up in a small town to navigating life as a transgender man with disabilities.

Abigail L. |  Playwright, Athlete, Social Justice Advocate
Abigail believes every voice is important and can be expressed in a variety of ways.

Bill M. |  Formerly Incarcerated
Find out how and why Bill spent time in prison; readers will find inspiration to flourish in affliction and better the world.

Obed S. |  DACA Recipient, Business Owner
Learn more about Obed and his experiences.

Carolina P. |  Advocate for senior citizens
Hear how Carolina became a voice for voiceless elders, and why she advocates for dignity regardless of color, race, culture, and gender.

Miranda S. |  Champion of Mental and Physical Health
Miranda harnessed the power of nutrition to work through struggles with mental health.

Brenda S. |  African-American Female Police Officer
Brenda was the first African-American female police officer in the state of Nebraska; hear her discuss what it is like to become the first of your race and gender to accomplish such a milestone.

Maya S. |  Adoptee
Learn about Maya’s childhood experiences as an adopted child and a biracial woman of color.

Theresa T. |  Female Pastor
Learn about Theresa’s experience as a woman pastor in an area with traditions dominated by male pastors, and other various experiences of doing interfaith work.



October 17, 2018 | 4 – 7pm
Omaha Public Library, 215 South 15th Street
• Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time to check-in.
• Free and Open to the Public
• Free parking at Omaha Park One on 15th and Douglas streets.
• Present your parking ticket at check-in for validation.

Sign up online to reserve your conversation(s) 
You can now reserve your conversation(s) with one of our human book volunteers! Sign up here and join us.

You can also go to our Facebook Event  page for more information.



Cathy Solarana
Diversity & Inclusion Chair, AIGA NE

Anna Wilcoxon
Diversity & Inclusion Librarian at OPL