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The Show 21 FAQs

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AIGA Nebraska
September 18, 2012
What are the biggest changes this year?

First, all entries will be submitted digitally. In past years, you would register online and then physically bring in your piece on the specified date. This year, your entry will be done entirely online. Fill out the form, upload an image, and you’re done.

The second change this year is that our judges will be present at the actual design exhibition. Go ahead, ask them questions! In previous years, a month was required between judging and exhibition to get our ducks in a row; now, new technology will allow us to have everything ready within hours of judging.


Why switch to digital entries?

First, the amount of wasted paper and mounting board was an issue that needed to be addressed. We believe that judging printed pieces is absolutely crucial—at the right time, of course. Judging printed pieces in the second round cuts down on hundreds of pounds of mounted material.

Second, digital entries allow our judges several weeks to review entries and narrow the field before arriving and making their final selection. In the past, they only had a day to complete the entire process.


How will my work be judged?

Our three judges will view your work and rationale online via a custom-built website designed specifically by AIGA Nebraska for judging entries. Within days after the deadline occurs, we’ll turn entries over to the judges to view. This gives them more time to evaluate the work than in past years.


Will my physical work be judged?

If your piece is chosen by the judges to move into the second round of judging, you’ll be asked to bring a physical, mounted entry to a drop-off location, similar to past years. If your entry qualifies for the final round, AIGA Nebraska will notify you, using the email you provided at registration. At that time we will communicate the mounting and drop-off requirements. All physical entries will then be judged again the day before The Show 21 exhibition to determine winners.


Will the judges be present this year?

Yes. They’ll each give a short presentation and remain present at the exhibition the entire evening. Imagine the judges reception and exhibition from the past all rolled into one larger event.


Is anything else exciting happening this year at the exhibition?

We’re so glad you asked! We will be honoring a very special Nebraska designer with the AIGA Fellow Award. Only a small group of designers across the United States have been selected for their impact on the community through design. We’re happy to announce that this year, one will be in our midst!


When is the exhibition?

The exhibition will be downtown at Kaneko on November 3rd. 1111 Jones Street, at 6:30pm.

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