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Meet Your Board: Kasey McCormick

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AIGA Nebraska
May 8, 2016

Meet Your Board:

Kasey McCormick
Director of Records 2012-2014
MMD Chair 2016 – present

Why did you join AIGA?

To be surrounded by others who want to do good by using design.

What inspires you?

Solving problems by either increasing efficiency, providing a solution that wasn’t in existence or simply providing another solution perspective. I’m also infatuated with data, how it can be displayed, used, expressed, manipulated and collected.

How do you AIGA?

To help provide resources to those who want to evolve an understanding in design.

What advice do you have for emerging creatives?

Track your time, not necessarily to the minute but start using some sort of tracker to get a median time for how long it takes to do a task of a certain type it helps manage your time better.

It’s part of a longer quote by Ira Glass that is worth the read but what resonated with me the most is”your taste is why your work disappoints you…it is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap.”

Have side projects, have several but finish them. You’ll learn the most in the projects that are just because when you push the envelope, test new methods and absorb information.

What do you do in your free time?

Spending time outside, walking my dog or working in the garden. I also like to counteract any time spent in front of a computer screen making something without a computer. Sometimes by cooking or baking, other times painting or simply reading to make a world with my imagination.

What is something you collect?

What is something you collect? Glow in the dark knickknacks.

Choose a color.

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