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Meet Your Board: Amy Markham

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AIGA Nebraska
March 4, 2016

Meet Your Board:

Amy Markham

Vice President | March 2016 – present
Director of Social Media | January 2016 – present

Director of In-house Initiatives | November 2014 – January 2016 

Why did you join AIGA?

I knew very little about AIGA when I began college. I only knew it was the professional association for design, and that many well respected designers in Nebraska were members. I originally joined to prove to potential employers that I was serious about design. I started following AIGA on social media and became increasingly interested in the events that they put on each year. Additionally, I wanted to network with other designers in Nebraska and develop a community of peers. AIGA has done all of that and so much more. Joining was, without a doubt, the best decision I’m made in my professional life.

What inspires you?

Great design work. Hearing talks by top designers. Attending design events. TED Talks. Stepping back and looking at things from another person’s perspective. Nature. Books. Travel. Culture. Coffee. Challenging projects. Education. Learning new skills.

How do you AIGA?

AIGA started out as a networking tool for me, I went to AIGA events to meet fellow designers, but it quickly became so much more. I realized that after I left an AIGA event I felt renewed, inspired and full of fresh ideas. So to me, AIGA is a top source for inspiration and motivation.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I spend most of my free time learning and reading, but I also have a passion for photography. I enjoy browsing through thrift stores and consignment shops. I like discovering new music. And when I have time, I love cooking new recipes.

What is something few people know about you?

Two things: I used to own a 1965 Ford Mustang. I used to be a Zumba instructor.

What advice do you have for emerging creatives?

Make yourself known. Go to events. Meet people. Network. Learn new skills. Branch out. And be nice to everyone.

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