Advisory board members are valuable volunteers who supplement and assist the main AIGA Nebraska working board in a number of critical ways. As an advisory board member, you can help greatly to further the messages and mission of AIGA as a whole while playing an important role in your local AIGA Nebraska chapter.
Advisory board members complement a working board in a consultive and assistive capacity. This includes helping to keep the primary board’s actions and initiatives focused and in perspective; projecting a professional light on the organization; helping to alleviate some of the stresses of the working board; and allowing the organization to grow in new directions, all while providing a means for those who want to be involved with their local AIGA chapter to do so. Additionally, members of an Advisory Board are able to pursue goals and initiatives that members of the working board simply do not have the time or resources to take on themselves.



Nominations will be accepted by AIGA members in good standing through February 29, 2016. To nominate an individual for the AIGA Nebraska Advisory Board, fill out the form below. Nonmembers are ineligible to submit nominations.

Advisory Board

  • Members shall be elected to a 18-month term by the working board and president.
  • There will be three Advisory Board members at any one time.
  • There are no term limits for Advisory Board members; however, even existing Advisory Board members must reapply to serve an additional term, and compete against all applicants for a position.

Candidates will be selected based on their respective qualifications, experience, passion for the ideals of AIGA, and specific initiative plan (see below).



  • Have an active membership in AIGA at the Supporter level or above.
  • Have experience on the AIGA Nebraska board, having served at a Director position or heavy-handed volunteer for a period of time.
  • Be knowledgeable about past AIGA Nebraska events, successes and failures
  • Have a minimum of 5 years practical experience working in or with the field of design.
  • Have the ability to contribute approximately 10 hours a month (about 2 hours a week, regularly during standard working hours) to the activities of the Advisory Board.
  • Have a solid reputation in the design community as exemplified through professional references.



In order to maintain a position on the AIGA Nebraska Advisory Board, the following qualifications must be met:


  • Active membership in AIGA.
  • Attendance at one board meeting per quarter.
  • Attendance at 3-5 public AIGA Nebraska events.
  • Active pursuit of all duties and responsibilities detailed below.
  • Advisory board members must complete two of the options below annually:
    • Involved in selection and awarding Fellow Award (unless the individual is nominated)
    • Participation in MDD. Example: portfolio review, judge competition
    • Submit an article for chapter newsletter, website, or blog
    • Student mentor or shadow for a day
    • Lecture on behalf of AIGA—education, business, programs, other chapters
    • Host a studio tour

If you have questions, please contact Elizabeth Vornbrock, President at

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